Wednesday, August 1, 2007

R&N - 07/31/07 - Late Night Edition

Usher - Wedding on Hold

This Usher marriage situation gets more complex as time goes by. First, my boy, Future was talkin' about Tameka on some kinda "operation" tip, then her alledged past with a drug dealer. Now it seems it's the baby she's carrying that is holding up the wedding... I'd post it, but I don't want to post another article, if it wasn't confirmed as true. This one makes more sense and less scandalous, though. Alot of pressure with the pregnancy, etc.

Conspiracy Story: They never planned on getting married... The marriage idea is just for hype... who knows?

Dr. Dre - Detox in '08?

Another tidbit I found out today, that's gettin' me riled... Dr. Dre has been promising Detox since what, 2003? 4 years later, still no album and now it's being pushed back to next suumer. Hundreds of songs he's done for this album, and one isn't done yet... So much depth in this topic, i can't even get into tonight...

Eminem - New Album? And Baby?

Speaking of Dre, Eminem may be putting out a new album... Supposedly, Akon and T.I. are gonna be on the album. Also, rumors goin around that him and Kim may be having another kid... Only time will tell. (9 months to be exact) :-p

Mase - Revival

Speakin' of new albums, M-A-$-E may finally come out with a new album! With all these "promising" new albums, you would hope one of these should surface... Well see...



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