Monday, February 13, 2012

Mixtape Monday - Letter To Nicki

Hey folks,

After hearing about last night's Grammys, I felt this be a good track for you guys to check out. I didn't personally see it go down last night, otherwise, I would have posted sooner. Many will say that she was being "artistic", "creative" or "trying to boost her career", but she could have done this SOO many other different ways... Now after associating her "alter-ego", Roman to the movie, "The Exorcist", you can only imagine what will be speculated from that... What I find all the more disturbing was the people responsible for holding the Grammys okayed the performance. I'm sure after this performance, considering all the backlash and negative reviews, they will reconsider such a stunt.

Now I'm not here to bash Nicki Minaj or anyone for that matter, but truth is that music is more than just a song and video. It has been used as a platform used to influence and inspire the culture that we live in. 10 years ago, no one would believed they would allow an "exorcism" on the Grammys, yet it did just happen last night. For those who have their eyes open spiritually, please pray for Nicki Minaj.

Bizzle - Plead With You (Letter to Nicki)


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