Friday, August 5, 2011

Fresh Friday

PRo's Dying to Live!

What if what we call living is merely wandering to and fro under the illusion that we are in control; when, in fact, our thoughts, our urges, our selfish ambitions and our deepest longings have us enslaved? That's not living. It's existing without purpose. But how do we overcome this chasm? Is there a solution?

PRo offers his: Dying to Live.--a theatrical celebration of Death as the only way to Live.

This album is set to drop Aug. 23 2011! Check out the mini Theatrical Trailer, the first released Single Mission to Mars, and the Track Listing for the album below!

Dying to Live Theatrical Trailer

Mission to Mars-Single

Track Listing for Dying to Live

1. A Life Worth Dying For
2. Mission To Mars feat. PK
3. Full Court Mess feat. KB
4. Get It
5. Before I Die
6. This Can't Be feat. Jenny Norlin
7. Stronger feat. Jai
8. Merked Pt. 2
9. Going In feat. Lecrae, Tedashii
10. So Far Gone feat. Niya
11. No Limits feat. Rio
12. Beautiful feat. PK
13. Drink From His Cup ft. Suzy Rock
14. No One Greater feat. JSon, Trip Lee
15. Never Back Down feat. S.O. & Thi'sl
16. Bonus Track: Get Buck feat. Chad Jones, Brothatone, & Canon (RMG)

-Vic B.

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