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The Worshippers Corner - Review

The Worshipper's Corner Review

Titus Glenn

The Worshipper's Corner is the solo debut album from Titus Glenn. Titus Glenn is a singer/songwriter and praise and worship leader. He is not new to the recording world. Titus Glenn and United Voices released their debut album entitled After the Heart of You in 2006. The album was received with praise and anticipation for its follow up. In 2008, Titus felt the Lord calling him away for a season to venture out and work on a solo project. March of 2009, the live recording for The Worshiper's Corner took place and began the journey that has given us this jewel of a project.

The Worshipper's Corner is a collection of original songs, all of which were penned by Glenn, that focus on the beauty and importance of an intimate relationship with God. Genre wise, the album has something for absolutely everyone. Glenn presents everything from rock to praise and worship to good ol' fashion, foot-stompin' church. The first track and single, “Forever Our Lord Shall Reign,” will be an automatic hit with praise and worship teams all across the country. The song is catchy and it proclaims the enduring reign of our God. Another shining moment on the album is found in “One Moment with You.” This ballad which features Dana Hemphill is a jewel. The song speaks of the powerful experience of being in the presence of the Lord. “Leaning,” a mid tempo duet with Montwanette Beal-Taylor, is another gem on this album. The song speaks about the believer's total dependence on God. However, in this reviewer's opinion, the stand out track is “More Than Enough.” This is one of those songs that you just can't get enough of. The lyrics encourage every believer that Jesus is, indeed, all that we need and more. As if the song was not already amazing, let's add Candy West of the stellar-award winning Myron Butler and Levi. West comes in at the tail end of the song and elevates it to another level. This song is sure to be a classic amongst youth choirs.

The Worshipper's Corner is more than a debut. It is the introduction of a voice that you are sure to hear for many years to come. Titus Glenn's power packed album is a certified must have!

Please click here to order this CD. Enjoy and be blessed.

The Album Release Concert was a HUGE success last night. Thanks for all who came and supported Titus for his big night!

Below is a quick sample of the album. Check it out!

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Review written by Calvin J. Walker

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