Monday, November 15, 2010

Myron Williams - Thankful - Review

Myron Williams - Thankful

World renowned worship leaser and songwriter, Myron Williams, has returned with his sophomore effort entitled Thankful. If you are one who considers yourself a worshiper you will indeed be thankful for this project. The album is an even mixture between upbeat praise songs and melodious worship ballads. Thankful is Williams' follow up to his 2008 release entitled Made to Worship.

Released by Flow Records, an independent gospel label which Williams currently heads as president and CEO, Thankful finds Mr. Williams at a graduated place in his relationship with God. The record begins with the exuberant first single, “I Praise Your Name.” The song speaks of a constant and continual praise that the psalmist has purposed to give the Lord. Other stand out records include: “I'm So Thankful,” “What Would I Do Without You,” and “I'll Do What It Takes.” However, there is one song among the bunch that stands alone. “I Wanna Go,” is track three on the album. This song had to be birthed from a personal place and it plays beautifully. The spot-on vocal performance and the lush instrumentation make for a song that you will want to put on repeat. Being the worship leader that he is, Myron Williams dedicated a track to a small teaching on worship. Track ten which is entitled “Worship,” is a beautiful expression of what our relationship with God should be like.

Myron Williams has put together a project that speaks to man in totality. It speaks to the unbeliever by proclaiming the glorious works of God. It speaks to the faith of the believer by proclaiming the faithfulness of God. It speaks to the worshiper by showing forth the beauty of God. Thankful is a must have!

Please click here to order this CD. Enjoy and be blessed.

Review written by Calvin J. Walker

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