Monday, May 3, 2010

Nelly's Bodyguard Murdered

Nelly's Bodyguard Murder Investigation

A few days ago, Nelly's bodyguard, Michael Johnson was murdered. St. Louis county police responded to a home on Nola, near north Hanley Wednesday night just before midnight. Johnson was shot multiple times.

Police say he was either walking in or walking out of the home when someone opened fire. They're not sure if Johnson was targeted or if he interrupted a burglar who then shot him. Police say they are retracing the victim's steps from the previous 24 hours to try and find out where he was, and what a possible motive could be. No confirmed arrests have been reported. Last Thursday, Nelly was busy giving out scholarships at Lindenwood University. Condolences go out to Nelly and the Johnson family.

Investigation Report


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