Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lil' Wayne's Sentence PostPoned AGAIN!

First and foremost, I would PERSONALLY like to say that whoever has been praying for Lil' Wayne is doing a pretty good job, lol!

Lil' Wayne - Jail PostPoned... AGAIN!

Despite popular belief, Lil' Wayne is NOT going to jail today. It seems that there had been a fire in the basement of the courthouse today, which caused cancellations of all hearings. Lil' Wayne is a free man for at least another day...

This comes after his stint with the law on weapon possession and marijuana that was found on his tour bus about a year ago... He was to have been jailed earlier, but he was able to postpone it, due to needing a dental visit first. He was reported to have 8 root canals. While he was planning to start jail with little notice of sentencing, he and his label went on to try to get out as many appearances (songs, videos, etc) as possible as well as a documentary of the days leading to his scheduled appointment to serve in jail. 8 days before he was scheduled to go to jail, He had started his own Twitter account.


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