Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DAY 26 - No Longer Bad Boys

You remember the guy group from Diddy's 'Making the Band' MTV reality series Day 26 right? Five handsome young men, carefully picked out from millions of talented hopefuls by Diddy himself. Turns out they are trying to get their grown man on and leave the nest of Bad Boy Records. Don't jump to conclusions though. It seems there are no hard feelings. "Bad Boy is always our family, but we're with Atlantic right now," group member Willie Taylor told The BoomBox.

Without Daddy Diddy in the mix, Day 26 feel there is something to prove to their fans. "We really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music," Taylor stated. "I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we're all about, that we do our thing whether its on stage, in the studio, writing and producing, we do it all."

Day 26 is scheduled to start recording their third album next year. "We're very excited about it. We know exactly what the fans are expecting from us on this third album. We're going to take the gloves off, really go for it. A lot of people thought Day 26 weren't going to be here but we're still standing."

Earlier this year the group released a woman's shoe line called Eight2Six. Their first product the Swaggaa Heel can be purchased online and is available in three different colors. "You can wear them at all times. You never have to take them off," group member Brian Andrews stated.

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