Thursday, October 1, 2009

FOUND to Kiss & Tell

This Tuesday, Push Play (pop rock/electronica band from Long Island) released their second album, but their first one to be sold in stores nationwide.

This picture is from their album release in a New York Best Buy.
Buy the album at Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, or if you don't like CDs, iTunes. But I LOVE CDs. Having the physical music media in your hands is something special. :)

Also, if you like Selena Gomez, her album KISS & TELL also came out this week. Her band is called The Scene. If Selena looks familiar, but you don't know from where, click Here.

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of her singing, but I loved "Tell me Something I don't Know" from the "Another Cinderella Story" movie & Soundtrack. "Falling Down," which is on this album is kind of catchy, though. If you want to buy it, Walmart & Amazon has it and where CDs are sold.3

Falling Down


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