Wednesday, September 9, 2009

R&N- 09/09/09 - Evening News

Last night was pretty exciting. Honor Society's new single "Over You" battled on 101.3 KDWB (in 'the Twin Cities').

The DJ said after the "overwhelming amount of text votes", it was easy to tell the winner.
In honor of the victory, Honor Society fans decided to get #NoDuh Trending on Twitter because the gentlemen of Honor Society are bringing back the use of that phrase. Within the hour, #Noduh was on the Top 10, and inevitably "Honor Society" became a trending topic also. :)

time is CST

I found this sicfloating around amongst my friends. It's a rap remix to "Over You" by konflict5206 on Youtube. It's sicknasty amazing. I love it!

Also, check out tonight for Push Play's livechat on Facebook/Ustream at 8pm ET/5pm CT. They'll be talking about their fall tour. RSVP here. Watch Here.

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