Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashionably Late. Honor Society

Honor Society

Hopefully, you've heard them. If you've been reading over the past few months, they're a favorite to write about. This amazing band just officially released their debut album on Tuesday. It's aptly named "Fashionably Late." Their EP "A Tale of Risky Business" was released in May of last year. They said an album would come.. and the time kept getting changed.. but at long last.. with Excellent timing.. everything was set.

Click the picture to buy the album at their official merch store. You can also buy a copy at Target & get the bonus DVD of their Irving Plaza show earlier this year. and of course, you can use iTunes and purchase when you Search "Honor Society."

Recently, KiisFM's Kidd Kraddic radio show (around the nation) aired "Over You," Honor Society's new single from the album. Be sure to request it on your local KissFM!

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