Tuesday, June 16, 2009

R&N- 6/16/2009- Unladylike

I have the pleasure of introducing you all to a new rap duo ladies and gentlemen. Straight from East St. Louis, we have two females who are determined to be on top in the rap game. Tee, age 21 (Teosha Thomas) and Gunna, age 22 (Jasmine Baker) together form the new rap duo Unladylike and are ready to take the rap industry by storm as they push to reclaim the throne for the ladies. Last time I saw a female rap group was hmmmm......Salt 'N' Pepa, so it's been a while. I think we should start keeping an eye on their success. They have already been pushing their first single "Bartender", and let me tell you, that song has been in my head for days. Now they have been working on getting their second single out there to create more buzz. "Dough" has a catchy get money theme to it and sure to keep the heads noddin'. Already signed to Def Jam the ladies have an album already in stores called "Certified" that was released June 9th 2009. I had the honor of speaking to the beautiful ladies yesterday and they are both fun and confident. Gunna, who got her name based on how quickly she can flow, stated she is the party girl but is also about business. Tee states she compliments that with her laid back style. Check out their very first video, which I hear, they couldn't get out to the masses as much as they wanted due to the content being focused on alcohol and seeming to be too young to enjoy it...even though they are 21 or over. (Hmmmm ....did the same rule apply to Jamie Foxx's song about alcohol?) Keeping these ladies from getting their drink on while the male rappers and singers do their thing...now THAT is unladylike.




Seneca "The Beast" Doss said...

Yo have you guys heard Def Jam’s new artist Mr. Finley yet… dude sounds like he’s the truth and he’s from Vegas.

Check out his video intro:


I heard his new album “The Talented Mr. Finley” going to be hot!

Listen to his new track “Any Night Of The Week.”



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