Wednesday, June 3, 2009

R&N - 06/03/09- Evening News

Last night/ this morning at 2am Central time, (I counted down) Push Play's hot new single "Midnight Romeo" launched on Myspace. Check it out! When I say "This track is HOT".. I never say that. So I definitely mean it. Oh, & it may just be on the radio in the next month or 2. Just sayin. :) I'm kinda in love with this song. Crazy edgy-romantic. Also on their page are new interviews! Check them out when u click the picture below.

Also, more Honor Society news/video from MTV Buzzworthy blog. haha, Tamar is funny.
Tomorrow at 5pm ET/ 2pm PT, Honor Society will be announcing even MORE news! Who's excited? *raises hand* MEEE! Stay tuned at their myspace page. & follow them on Twitter! Their pictures during recording are so funny.

& Clip of the Week.. maybe even the Year! Joe Jonas loves his fans & sticks to his word.
In February, the Jonas Brothers posted a video "You Decide" what you want to see. So the fans picked Choice B. & WOW. They posted the video & Twittered it at around 12:15pm Central today. By 3pm, it became not 1 trending topic, but 2!

Actually it's 8pm central & Single Ladies has moved up to #4 on Trending. hahaha!

Warning: it's best not to be drinking or eating or operating machinery when watching. EPIC! I gasped. I cried, couldn't breathe, and snorted all from laughing SOO hard. This is reDonk-ulous. :D

So here it is folks, for those who haven't yet seen this.. or those who just want to watch it for the 40th, 60th, or 500th time: Joe Jonas dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.

So, make sure you request "Paranoid" on your radio stations! Pre-order their new album! it's only $15 on! Also, they're having another Facebook livechat tomorrow at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. RSPV & Be there!


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