Thursday, April 9, 2009

R&N- 04/09/09 - Evening News

Hey everybody, so a few quick things here. Sneak peek of the upcoming artist I'm writing about for Saturday. Her name is Imaj. She is a member of the reforming of Diddy's female pop group, Dream. She is singing a cover of Jonas Brothers' "Burnin Up".

Also, yesterday, Honor Society was in San Diego for Frankie V's radio show. & later had a PPP (Pinkberry Parking lot Party) hanging out with fans.. whoever saw their Twitter update & could make it.
Here they are singing a new song they wrote called "Over You"

They will have a show in San Diego at the House of Blues on Friday, April 24. Get your tickets now! Ticketmaster.

Since I have included Push Play in previous posts, I will include that they are in a contest on Radio Disney for the "Next Big Thing." All you need to do is vote their 2 songs 5 Stars. :)
Vote Here.
Jonnie & Brookie are also in this and since I have written about them, too, I thought I include them. Vote here. 5 Stars all the way.


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