Tuesday, March 31, 2009

R&N- 03/31/09- Evening News

T Pain Toothless? & Andre 3000 arrested

Singer and producer, T-Pain, got into a 'freak golf cart accident' resulting in the loss of 4 of his teeth. He ended up in the hospital with cuts and bruises on his face. He had to miss his appearances this weekend with Lil Wayne and Lil Kim. T-Pain will still be in Lil Kim's video for "Download" after he heals.

On Saturday, Rapper Andre 3000, was arrested for wreckless driving on the I-75. He was going 109 mph, 44 mph over the 65 mph speed limit. The police called him "an accident waiting to happen."

Also, if you are in the NYC/ NJ area, April 1-4, the 2009 NJPAC Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival will be held in Newark, NJ. Check out www.njpachiphop.org for more information.

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