Friday, March 27, 2009

R&N - 03/27/09 - TI Jail Time Delayed

TI's Stays Out of Jail... For Now
Hey everybody,

So if you have been keeping up with the current events of TI, the judge finally gave TI his sentencing to a year in prison today. HOWEVER, due to previously agreed-upon commitments, he will not enter prison before May 19. What a break! So, he has about an extra month left of freedom... I don't know what the restrictions are up until then, but that's a lil' more time he can spend with his family.

TI also delivered an inspiring 10 minute speech to the judge that outlined his past, present and future, while stating that he is committed to turning his mistakes into positive results. Later, T.I. held a press conference where he thanked his family and all of his fans and supporters.Here is a quick clip of what went down.


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