Friday, March 6, 2009

R&N - 03/06/09 - Evening News

The Chris Brown Beat-down!

I’m a bit sad. In fact, a little-bitty part of me feels torn. Yesterday Chris Brown had his scheduled arraignment where he was charged with two felonies. The first was assault and the second was making criminal threats. He didn’t enter a plea deal, but instead was granted a continuance to April 6th. But because of the charges, he now faces anywhere from probation, to a maximum of four years and eight months in prison.

But that’s not what I’m sad about. Yesterday, the news media got a hold of the L.A.P.D records from the night of the incident. SO…(takes a deep breath)… the fight started when Rihanna read a 3 page text message on Brown’s phone. The message was from a woman that Brown supposedly had a previous sexual relationship with. He then tried to push his girlfriend out of the car, but couldn’t because her seatbelt was on. But things get worse.

Chris then slams Rihanna’s head against the passenger window. And then, as she turned to face him, he punches her in the face with his right hand. He continued to punch her while he was driving with his left hand. This was where her mouth began to fill with blood. And as she bent to protect herself, he continued to throw blows to her arms. But it doesn’t stop there.

After he threatened to give her another beating when they arrived home, Rihanna tried to call her assistant, but the woman didn’t answer. Instead, Rihanna pretended she had made contact, and “told” her assistant to have the police at her hotel. This then set off a fierce fire inside of Chris. So much so, that he threatened to take her life.

As she tried to get away, he then, 1) bit her as she fingers when she tried to gouge his eyes out, 2) bit her ear as he pulled her closer to him when tried to use his phone, and 3) held her in a headlock until she almost became unconscious. This was when he fled the scene, leaving his girlfriend and the car.

So this is why I’m sad. I was really holding on to the hope that the incident sounded worse than it was. I was also hoping that, if he did hit the girl, that he did it in self-defense, because that is the ONLY time that I think it necessary to hit a female.

Now I’m not really a big fan of Riri’s. I won’t lie, though…when it rained, I too was rocking the “Umbrella” while walking in “Disturbia”. But really, Chris? REALLY?!?! I mean… I don’t understand. Are you leading a double life, or have some alter-ego that causes you to BEAT women? I mean…. I’m truly baffled!! And after seeing you ride around on your jet ski this weekend, while flexing your muscles to the cameras, I’m at a loss for words and thought.

Since the incident, I haven’t listened to a Chris Brown track, but I still held my support for the singer. I still held out hope. But after reading the report, seeing the gruesome pictures, and watch to flash your million-dollar smile for the cameras… I don’t know if I can listen to another CB track again. I don’t think I can continue to support someone so talented, someone who was such an inspiration to millions, someone who still hadn’t reached his peak...which is why I’m sad!

~Carrie J.

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