Thursday, February 19, 2009

R&N - 02/19/09 - Evening News

Shyne - Out of Jail in April?

Great news... Looks like Shyne will be out of jail very soon... Shyne has done eight out of ten years on his bid for that club shooting in NYC about a decade ago... Back when Diddy and J. Lo used to be a hip-hop item.

His legal counsel, Oscar Michelin had this to say.

“He’s been an exemplary inmate... He’s had no problems, been very positive. As a matter of fact, myself and another person were scheduled to go up on the 26th of February to see him. There’s a dinner in honor of African-American History Month, and so Moses is participating in that. And he’s also coordinating, getting some speakers to talk about how things have affected the criminal justice system in the last few years and what we think the affect of the new presidency will be on issues affecting minorities. So he’s always been involved in many positive things at the jail and has never had a problem at all whatsoever. So, he’d be the perfect candidate for parole. The only knock against him was that he was convicted of a crime that’s considered a violent crime.”

Shyne, if you getting this in the pen, Music Forecast is rooting for you, bro.

Let's get back to one of his joints. My favorite of his... Bad Boy.

Shyne ft. Barrington Levy - Bad Boy


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