Monday, February 9, 2009

R&N - 02/09/09 - Grammy's Last night

So, how bout them Grammy's, eh?

U2 opened the show. Whitney Houston, who I have not seen in ages, came out and introduced the nominees for Best RnB singer. Jennifer Hudson won that.

Soon after came Justin Timberlake and Al Green with the 70s hit "Let's Stay Together." That was sweet.

Taylor Swift and Miley's highly anticipated duet was Tay's "Fifteen" off her "Fearless" album. Honestly, I felt personally attacked watching this: Miley & Taylor, being both ex-girlfriends of Nick & Joe Jonas, singing these lyrics. The lyrics "Cause when you’re fifteen / and somebody tells you they love you/ You're gonna believe them." It had to be that song because..? hmm. Looks like someone is still NOT over their exes.

On the other side of that, I was thoroughly impressed and dazzled when the Jonas Brothers took the stage with none other than Nick Jonas's idol Stevie Wonder! He joined them for a shortened version of the JB hit "Burnin' Up." Then the music changed to that familiar intro beat of Stevie Wonder's Superstition." The Jonas Brothers have been doing a cover of that song in their acoustic shows in California late last year and most recently, Nashville, TN in January. Last night was utterly beautifully done. You may not have won a Grammy, but it's ok. It was a 'cursed' category anyway.

MIA's performance was highly awkward, with the mesh outfit and the fact that she looked like her water could have broken at any moment all over the stage. I'm not hating on the song, though.

more on this later.

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