Thursday, December 25, 2008

R&N -- 12/25/2008 -- LEAK CRITIQUE

Alright kiddos! heres some quicky reviews so that u can feel better about stuffin some more beats in the ipod. Check um out...

Musiq Soulchild

It's a fresh neoism of Musiq. U can here the same style heard from previous Soulchild albums, but there seems to be a matured sophistication in his production and sound. Musiq is still bringin u those lyrics. The brotha can write and tell a story...but in my oppinion, not just a hit banger for the stero...well except maybe his first single "Radio".lol Nice good music nonetheless for u appreciative music listeners. But won't win ur vote for a reelection. Just sayin.

Keyshia Cole

A Different Me

WHAT CAN I SAY?!?!?! It's definitely different..pleasantly. This album is jammin. Bottomline; straight through. I thought this would honestly be a hit and miss because honestly I still don't feel Cole has a definitive identity in music. I mean... although she is visual asthetically'm not convinced on the sex appeal. It's almost like she's uncomfortable at times. Oh nonetheless with a hot hit-making album. Good job Team Keyshia.

Jamie Foxx


YO!!!! GET IT! PERIOD! I gotta say...I had mixed emotions about Jamie's first LP, but this seems more like "Jamie". I totally connect with him on this album. And it's not like the content is some MEANINGFUL It's sexy, clever, hype, energetic, and most Jamie. Less commercial to me. ALL the way through the CD yo. COp it.

Anthony Hamilton

The Point of it All

Soulful Soulful Soulful! What can I say? Its just a really great sound. Great music. Great cd. I really use to find Anthony a bit annoying?lol Jus sayin...u gotta tollerate listenin to his voice for so long to BUT a very well balance with this album and it will definitely be a great addition in the car on ur way to whereeverland


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