Saturday, December 13, 2008

R&N - 12/13/08 - OnSmash Saturday

Music you probably haven't heard of: Jonnie & Brookie

The band is made up of well, self-explanatory, Jonnie & Brookie. They're sisters who love singing and making a difference. Jonnie, age 16, has the brown hair. Brookie, age 14, is blonde. They started singing when they were 3 and 5, and they absolutely love and appreciate their fans. They even have a mission statement:

Our Mission Statement:

We sing to Honor God.

to Make a Difference,

to be good role models

and we sing to have fun!

Visit for everything.
You can comment them on myspace, which is where you can hear their music and read their blogs/ contests. What's special is how they care (hence their mission statement) and they have even written a few children's books.

Jonnie & Brookie w/their Daisy Rock guitars

"Every Day is Christmas" is their new holiday song. I love it! Listening to these girls are perfect for your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, or children.

They were a contestant for Radio Disney's NBT (Next Big THing). Voting for 2 weeks on They will be performing at the end of December in Arizona, and next month, shows in Texas, California, & Wisconsin. Check their myspace for exact dates and locations.

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