Thursday, July 24, 2008

R&N -- 07/24/08 -- LEAK CRITIQUE


What up World?!?!?!? Yet another Leak Critique! If you didn't hear me the first time....IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! My girl Jazmine Sullivan hit the scene and made her debut on 106 & Park and hell...the I'm just sayin. I've been followin this chica for some time now ever since I heard Round Midnight. You gotta hear and see this.

Finally, R&B is taking back real music and singing. Watch out Benanc'e!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Do not sleep on this young lady. She got the sound the Kim Burrell and Lauryn Hill, and when you add that wit Missy....I'm just sayin yo!!!!! Keep up ya'll. Need You Bad ya'll...

OHHHH I normally don't do this but......

Who was better guyyyysssss????? I don't even think I'm gonna comment on this one. I'm really suprised at Amy for this rendition.....REALLY surprised. Check it out.

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