Thursday, July 24, 2008

R&N - 07/24/08 - Evening News

Dr. Dre Putting Out Detox?!

Wow! I'm hearing that Dr. Dre is finally dropping Detox... He hasn't dropped an album since... 1999? More or less Dre 2001... It's been a minute. This dude has created HUNDREDS of tracks since then. Dude needs to stop worrying about being a perfectionist and the music generation changing to just drop an album... if the music changes, drop another album, lol. Any comments?

Amerie Signed to Def Jam!

I'm also hearing that Amerie has been newly signed to Def Jam Records... Whoever runs that company now (lol), don't drop the ball. Shout outs to Amerie for the good news. But on this next album, PLEASE don't sleep on talent... Y'all didn't buy when 1 Thing came out, and she had to leave to make dough in the UK... and drop a BANGING album... Don't drop the ball...

DMX on Lock Down Once Again!

Last Saturday, DMX got arrested at a Phoenix mall on identity theft. This is like the 10th arrest he's had in the last few years... As much as he claims he's into his bible, I think he's givin' folks a bad name. Rappers and christians alike. Go figure...


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