Monday, June 2, 2008

R&N - 06/02/08 - Evening News

Hey folks,

Hope ya'll ain't too disappointed about Mixtape Monday... Ya boy finally got himself a rewarding job. Not to say MF3 ain't rewarding, but this one is going to give me a steady salary... please believe it's a LONNG time coming....

Anywayz, I know the staff have been doin' a pretty good job of keepin' you all entertained. I hope that will continue to do so, but I gotta get back on my game as well. Haven't posted in a minute...
Let me stop playin' wit y'all so I can post what I gotta post though.

50's Crib Burned Up!

It seems that somebody went and burned down 50's mansion... I don't know why or how they got away with it, but it seems like they did... for the time being... Now, from what I've been hearing is that 50 and the baby mama (Ms. Tomkins) have been fighting over the $2.5 M estate, and she has a new boyfriend... But I don't think 50 would do it.

Now I know I'm not usually an advocate for 50, but I truly believe he didn't do it, for the simple reason that he would DEFINITELY not endanger his own son's life to settle the dispute... So, it looks like someone set him up with the gas container... But that's really news to me... Is this why TI's trying to keep machine guns? Feel free to leave your opinion on this news.

Tomorrow's evening news will be on R. Kellz and Jim Jones... Drama just keeps comin' this week...


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