Sunday, June 1, 2008

R&N -- 06/01/08 -- GOSPEL SUNDAY!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! I'm just sayin...shouldn't we celebrate that everyday? But anyway to news....

Bishop T.D Jakes, shepard of The Potter’s House Church, is developing his own talk show in connection with Dr. Phil McGraw. Anyone see a pattern here? That's right...OPRAH came in mind as SOON as I heard this news. I'm just sayin. Everyone is tryna be on Oprah status but she will ALWAYS be on top as long as media moguls continue to follow this particular pyramid. Everyone may see this as a TD takeover but...


I'm just sayin!

The still-untitled project, to be distributed by CBS, will center on such topics as relationships and family issues when it debuts in 2009.

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