Thursday, May 15, 2008

R&N -- 05/15/08 -- LEAK CRITIQUE


What up world?!?!?!?! Alright, straight to it. Ya'll know I luvs good music right. The 2 I'm gettin ready to bring to you are king and queen in their own right. This dude here.....this dude right here.....THIS DUDE RIGHT HERE....THIS IS DEATH!!!!! I'm just (name that movie) But no really...Just when you thought Usher couldn't top Confessions, Here I Stand is proving to somethin for the books yo. Don't wanna spoil you guys too bad so this is just a snippett. Enjoy! JT~1

Awww. If they only'm just sayin. Long live the King of R&B....I don't owe Bobby Brown NOTHIN!!!!!! Holla


MADONNA IS DOIN THE DANG THANG YO!!!! Not much to say except I'm definitely lovin this joint. I promise you I would have told the truth if this was garbage...but despite the fact that Kanye is on this joint, it's just simply hott. Check it and give the Queen of Pop her props. She crossin over.......again that I'm just sayin.

I still don't know how I feel about this pic Ya'll pray for Hard Candy in stores yo. I will have to say I'll be coppin this one. Curiosity.

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