Sunday, April 27, 2008

R&N - 04/27/08 - GOSPEL SUNDAY Pt. 2!

What up ya'll!!!!!!????? Been gone for a minute ill but I'm back. Enough excuses. Let's get right to it. If ya'll didn't catch it a few days ago, ya girl Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum was on...get this DIVORCE COURT!!!! Now just when I said I couldn't be surprised by any outcome from this story, I must admit I'm definitely shocked that she went down this avenue. These are all my views before watching the clip. But I will say it was done tastefully.....Just sayin.

Something that bothered me immensely!!!! Ya'll like that S.A.T. Was that she said she didn't commit suicide because of her last name "Bynum"? What happened to "I didn't commit suicide because I'll go straight to hell?!?!?!" Or somethin along those I think she is truly playin into this media life a bit too much. But like I always say.....I'M JUST SAYIN!!!!! Check out the clip.....


All this always reminds me of Juanita on Oh Drama way First...check out her and Sheryl on the show and then check out the response from Cheryl Underwood being that she clearly doesn't like Bynum ever since they're first encounter on Oh Drama yeaaaars ago. total Hilarity Clinton!


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