Saturday, April 5, 2008

R&N - 04-05-08 - ONSMASH SATURDAY PT. 3

This is a hot track, it has a 70s Funk to it. I'm interested to see what Ne-Yo has in store for his new album since I wasn't really feelin his last one.

BUN B ft. Sugar Tounge Slim - THE SOUTH

Bun B comes hard on the track with his signature flow, and the beat is sick. The Jodeci sample is clean. However, I have a problem with Sugar claiming that he is the baddest pimp since Pimp C. Come on man... then you have the nerve to come through with a verse that sounds like the Pimp wrote it. That pi$$es me off just a little bit.


Usher is trying to make his comeback, but he has an up hill pun intended, i'm serious. It's a good track, but guys like Trey Songs, Mario, and Ne-Yo have been killing the R&B game in Mr. Raymond's absence. I'm not counting Usher out, but he needs to put out something stronger than what I have heard so far.


The Cool Kids are a breath of fresh air for Hip-Hop. I'm just glad to hear that there are rappers out in the game that just do it to have fun and not as a side business to their main job in the drug game which most rappers want to portray. Don't get me wrong these "Kids" are very good on the mic. It has an old school feel to it, and will keep your head nodding.

This guy knows how to craft a hit. He has done it for plenty of other singers and it sounds just a good when he does it himself. Definitely Check This Out!!

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