Saturday, April 5, 2008

R&N - 04/05/08- OnSmash Saturday Pt. 1



What up all? JT here with another leak critique. And ya'll know I allllllways got somethin to shouldn't be surprised that I have MORE to I'm just sayin. Day 26!!!!!! Hate the name; love the music. These kats can really sing. I finally agree with who made the group. Definitely have a new respect for Willie because he can...actually And I say that because he is a total package if you know what I meant marketing wise. N.E. Way....check the new joint.

Oh and furthermore....I'm waiting until they have discovered themselves. Meaning who exactly is Day 26? We know what direction they're TRYING to go in but we're just....not.....locking in all the way quite Danity Kane. I remember when I hated their name. But i totally understand them now. lol But yeah check out the clip.

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