Wednesday, April 2, 2008

04/02/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye's New Video For HomecomingKanye has just wrapped and dropped his video for Homecoming. The video is just amazing as the track. I swear this dude got the best videos. At least on this album he does. I can't say no more, watch it there. MF 3.0 got ya.

Ludacris Wants Us To Stay TogetherLudacris dropped this track just for the hell for it and reminds us what he should always be mentioned when talking about who's one of the nicest rappers out right the track. The track is humorous, and basically just addresses the numerous breakups in the hip-hop community and in the world today. I like the track 'cause the stuff he say on here, I've been saying it. Peep it here and you'll see what I mean. Either way, didn't somebody say Hip Hop Is Dead?

Bun B Tells Us What's Gangsta

Bun B just recently dropped his first single for his newest solo album, II Trill. He's waiting on Sean Kingston to come from Europe and then he says they'll shot the video for the single. The track, "That's Gangsta," is hot, and has Bun B rapping' about what is, and isn't gangsta. But what sticks out when I listen to the track is what I feel is definitely not gangsta...Sean Kingston! Prob shoulda got sumbody else to do the hook, but JR Rotem, Kingston's mentor did the beat so there you go. Anyway peep the track here, and you'll see what I mean.
Bun B - That's Gangsta
updated: posted on MF3 earlier in Feb as well

Ne-Yo's First Single Off New Album: LeakedNe-Yo released, or someone has released the first single off off Ne-Yo's new album dropping in the summer titled, "The Year of the Gentleman." The track is called "Closer" and is inspired by Euro-Pop or Funky House after a recent trip to Europe by Ne-Yo. Funky House as I call it is the latest music craze out there in Europe, particularly the UK, and is a form of Electronica music that is similar to UK Garage. The genre uses a 4-to the-floor drum pattern and blends funky melodies and vocals. The sounds is quite reminiscent of radio these days, ala, the whole Timbaland, Timberlake, Flo-Rida, uptempo sound thats being going on lately. Anyway, Ne-Yo was inspired by all that, put his touch on it, and created his latest single. Peep it here on MF 3.0 and tell me if its poppin or not.

Shawty Lo's Done It AllShawty Lo trying to make some noise for his debut album with his second single, "Dun Dun". The track is hot, but it's definately not going to help him save his album from flop status. But hey, if he hook it up w/ a remix like he did with They Know, then well, you never know. Peep it here.
Shawty Lo - Dun Dun

in case yall didn't hear...Jay-Z & Beyonce suppose to be getting married REAL soon. They just got out a marriage license and its valid for 60 day, so two months to do the do...yeah I don't care much either, it's like they been married right.

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