Saturday, March 29, 2008

R&N - 3/29/08 - ONSMASH SATURDAY PT. 2


Quite a few leak critiques this week....end. lol But lets start with one....I quite don't understand. Which is unfortunate because I actually quite like these 2 kats. But....something just doesn't.....curl all the way over on this one. Definitely a joint that one or the other needs to do SO....LO! I'm just sayin. Nice beat laid here though. Check it.

These 2 I had to put next to each other because I feel like they are coming outta the gates swingin. I've heard several joints from these 2 and I am officially gonna cop their albums. Mario has consistently been on the rise ever since his debut album. But Lloyd I believe is finding himself in this newly released LP. Check out both joints.

Now....even though I do like the joint by Lloyd....AND I got mad luv for slim, I mean hell we went to the same high school so I gotta show luv for the "H" in all that we do......not feelin the collabo. lol I'M JUST SAYIN!!!! But naw, if you listen to this clip it's like 2 different tracks...but not Don't know what direction this particular leak was going in there. But overall B-

UPDATE: The "Travel" track consisted of a new song, with an old Slim Thug song.

SINCE... we're talking about Lloyd, he seems to really be feelin the collabo world right now. The joint with Luda is definitely hott. BUT......please raise ya hands if you're tired of yet ANOTHER ATL tribute joint??!?!?!?!lol I'M....JUST....SAYIN! It's gettin out of hand. I think I've officially move Lloyd done in the rankings because of this Luda kills yet again.

Ok....I've got 3 words for this video....HAIR, LIPSTICK, ACTING!!! Threw me off just watchin in the video. The song is nice. Nice touch by K. Cole. I'm also particular on vids. Meaning I'm Just sayin. By the it me, or is Keisha getting sexier and sexier? I rather just look at a picture of Trina. Video just doesn't do it for

Trina ft. Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You

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