Friday, March 7, 2008

R&N - 03/07/08 - Flashback Friday Pt. 1

Dru Hill REUNION... Cut Short?!

Wow... This isn't exactly Flashback, but this is Actually new footage of Dru Hill... This is horrible, lol. The group had gone on 92Q. reformed and BROKE UP on the radio... Woody decides to speak on air... about how he wants to go solo and do what God told him... I'm all up for that, but um... that's something you talk to with your bandmates BEFORE puttin' it out on the radio like that...!

That's all I got for you now... Perhaps, DPT will post some Dru Hill vids for ya later on... LOL... I'm still tryin' to get ova this one... WOW!!!


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Ambular said...

That was funny, clearly nobody talked before entering the room!