Wednesday, March 5, 2008

03/05/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

Dilly here for another edition of HUMP DAY EXCLUSIVES. Yes, we are almost to the weekend, but right now we're already here to the Hot Ish.

Dipset Is OVER!
And we all saw it coming. 40 Cal and Jay Bezel done released a track titled "Dipset Is Ova" stating just that, and venting on the frustration with Jim Jones and Camron's beefing. In a recent interview they both said that their failure to not speak or come to terms with eachother has resulted in the whole Dipset failure. They said nobody's making money but Cam and Jones, and it ain't right. The true star of the group in my opinion, Juelz Santana also weighed in and put it like this. "When I came in the game, at 18, and was being treated in a certain way, it was cool, I had no money, I was new, and Cam was the one that got me out. Now, after some success, after some weight being gained, and I'm still being treated the same way? That just don't work." I understand what the man saying, they need to give Juelz his shine, and quit tripping. Either way, Juelz the only one signed to a major labor, as his new album is post to drop with Def Jam this year and his ex-comrade Jim Jones has rumors flying about him being dropped from Warner Bros without even releasing any material. Ouch. Hopefully all ends up well with the members, who knows, but I do know this, at the end of the track there's a SKULL GANG shoutout, so it look Julez's Skull Gang just got some new members.

R. Kelly Disses Ne-Yo On New TrackNow yall knew R. Kelly was hood right? No? Well I'm tellin' u he is. The boy don't play, just with little girls. No, I'm playin' but he really Kels talk greasy like the next man at that's exactly what he doin' on this track "I'm A Beast." Some highlights of Kel's "rap":
Never been a snitch boy/ Never been a b*tch boy/ Why I gotta hate on you?/ Look at me I'm rich boy/ You need a steering wheel, the way you ridin my dick boy/ Say you're a go-getter/ Go get your own sh*t boy...
Now although he don't say who exactly he talkin' bout, it ain't hard to tell. Peep it here.

Fat Joe vs. Papoose In A FIST FIGHT???

Aiight, so here's the run down. Apparently, last Friday Fat Joe, Papoose, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and Cassidy was doing a show for a radio station out in North Carolina. Before the show, while at the hotel, Joey Crack wanted to find Papoose and question him 'bout sum disparaging remarks made towards him while on air back in NY with 50 Cent. Fat Joe roamed the hotel 'til he found Papoose in Cassidy's room and asked dude, "Do we got a problem?" Papoose, MANing up says, "If you want a problem, we can handle that." Apparently that's not the answer Joe was looking for an so the scuffle ensued. Now both parties have different accounts of how it went down, with Papoose coming out first sayin' Fat Joe was 8 men deep, and Papoose was only with 3 cats and wanted to fight one on one but Fat Joe refused. He then says that during the fight he got his hits in, and quote "put work on his chin." He also said on the radio station that he handled his business. Two days later Joey Crack responds with a video, after fake pics were floating around with him with a bruised face, sayin' Papoose is lying and that it was 4 on 4, and that his DJ went to the hospital, his bodyguard was bruised up and Papoose was bruised up. He also told media outlets that Fat Joe sat him down AFTER the beat down, Capo style, and told him why he got his @$$ beat and that they squashed it. Which Papoose does admit to. LOL, man. Now if you ask me...Papoose ain't hanging with Fat Joe, I mean look at the size of the kid. And the detail in which Joe spoke about the fight in leads me to believe that he telling the truth. He also said Cassidy and Gotti was there, and they'll let us know how it went down. Only time will tell.
Video: The Games Heads To PrisonMr. Lame, I mean Game turned himself into prison yesterday to begin serving his 60 day sentence for his weapons possession charge. Not gonna speak on this too much as yall know I think The Game is trying to publicize jail life and use this, for some odd reason, as promo for his new album. Dude didn't even want to fight the charge, don't make no sense. Peep the video here.

And I'm Out. Comment, Come Back.


Mike Belgrove said...

R. Kelly is a clown for this one. One of the other writers over at Highbrid Nation broke down the "I'm a Beast" track to explain what the lyrics meant and who exactly Kelly was talking about. It appears that he not only took shots at Ne-Yo but Jay-Z and Young Jeezy too. Can he just hurry up and go to prison already. Geez, he got charged like 6 years ago. Let's have a trial already.

Dilly said...

Amen. Dude need 2 handle his business and serve his time. Or at least get right w/ his Family. Dude got like 4 kids. And I know at least one of 'em gotta be in the teen years, meanin' they hearin' what they say about you.