Tuesday, February 19, 2008

R&N 2/19/08 Rock-N-Roll Tuesday

Black Is Back

Probably the most anticipated rock album of the year, The Black Crowes are releasing their "Warpaint" into stores everywhere in 13 days. Considered to be current day rock gods, with many influences and a major touch of what rock use to be
like, the Crowes keep it real and continue to fly beyond others in the business. Counting the day's until this release. God Bless Rock-N-Roll.

Queens Are The Kings

Queens of The Stone Age is one hell of a band. For years young kids could see these guys rocking on MTV with their "No one Knows". Now it's 2008, and these guys are touring and living off the huge success of their 2007 release Era Vulgaris album. Check this video out, and let me know what you think.

A New Album?

That's right, U2 is in the studio in Dublin. Bono and the boys promise to produce their absolute best album to date, and say it will be a "groundbreaking masterpiece". Keep Tuning in folks, and God Bless Rock-N-Roll. Thanks, -Drew-

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