Wednesday, February 20, 2008

02/20/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

My apologies for the late post, I just got back from seein' Barack Obama at a rally where I'm at, AND Chelsea Clinton came to my school so I had to dwell in some politics today, but nevertheless Hump Day is here and here are the Exclusives.

Introducing: O'neal Mcknight
Be prepared 'cause I am going to attempt and break this song multiple times, so this joint will be posted multiple times. But don't worry, the track is a banger! He goes by the name of O'neal Mcknight and has been cosigned by the who's who in the music industry. Diddy, Jermaine, Quincy Jones, Swizz, Russel Simmons, etc all luv this joint and luv his sound. The track in discussion is called Check Your Coat, and yes as usual its buzzing out there in NYC and slowly but steadily spreading. The sound? Unlike anything right now. Funky, feel-good, club song, that you can't help but dance or try to dance to. Produced by DJ Cassidy, a top DJ for all those people I just named dropped, and Dub-L, the song is an infectious blend of 80s synths and heavy drum-laced sounds of the 90s. Yes another throwback ode to the 80s/90s joint I know but this joint is good. I can't even explain it anymore, just listen. He just recently signed to Motown and is re shooting is low budget video with Little X, tons of cameos, including Christopher Lloyd of Back To The Future fame and the car, the Deleron. Check out his myspace, check out the song, Check Your Coat. Holla.

MTB 4 Exclusive Track: ExclusiveIf you watch MTB 4 you would have heard this song many times in the episodes that air. It's titled Exclusive and its the hottest jam I've seen 'em come with so far. If they release this track as their first single I'm sure it'll do well. Even if it don't you'll get to hear it here regardless. Holla.

Felli Gets Buck In Here With Akon & Co.Cali DJ Felli Fell who is big stuff out there on the west coast for the past few months has been spreading his talent and making much noise with his track Buck In Here. The club "banger" has heavyweights Akon, Ludacris, Diddy, and Lil Jon all on the track. It even includes a beat change. Check out the recently Def Jam signed artist's track here an watch the video, MAD cameos in here.

Mario On Dancing With The Stars???WTF? That's all I got. I was unaware he fell off. Isn't that show for celebs trying to make a comeback or rejuvenate their careers? Not a good look, Mario.

Tony Yayo Outta TroubleRemember those charges Tony got for allegedly beating up one of Game's manager's kids well all charges have been dropped. But that don't mean he innocent, the lesser charges are a result of him agreeing to a plead deal. Instead of facing criminal charges YaYo just has to do community service. I think he lucked out. If he really did beat on the kid, he need to be in trouble.

Yezzur, that's it, I'm Out - Dilly

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