Tuesday, February 12, 2008

R&N 2/12/08 Rock-N-Roll Tuesday

Spilling The Rock

This video is a must see, The Spill Canvas is rocking, and so is the number of their
fans.You see them all over MTV, and now you are hearing them on the radio, well for the most part. If you are unaware of this band, keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open for the Canvas.

How About A Little Blues?
Last night on CMT, millions were able to see both Robert Plant and Alison Krauss rocking the stage. That's right folks, it's a show called Cross Roads, and it featured these two legends from different genres performing together. Ecstatic is the
only word to use were pertaining to how millions felt as they watched these two. Nominations, awards, and fame is nothing new for Plant and Krauss. You can see them on tour as we speak, check out the upcoming tour dates this month.
February Tour Date: 4.19.08 Louisville,KY
4.20.08 Louisville,KY
4.22.08 Knoxville,TN
4.23.08 Chattanooga,TN
4.25.08 New Orleans,LA

Rock-N-Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl who is almost 40 years old, continues to produce some of the great rock of today's generation. Like a fine wine, Grohl does get better with age. And hey winning another award at the Grammys is proof of that. Best Rock Album and song "The Pretender" gave The Foo Fighters a little something extra to put up on that wall. There is no pretending with these guys, they are for real. Hopefully 2008 will be another great year of rock for The Foo Fighters.

Loving The Rehab

And the album of the year goes to Amy Winehouse. The Grammy's are being good to this "Crazy". Thanks for reading folks, have a great week, and no matter what, Keep on Rockin! -Drew D-