Thursday, January 31, 2008

R&N - 01/31/08 - Hip-Hop Exclusives

Go DJ! Nah, that's not MY DJ.After being late for an appearance in Richmond, VA, Friday (Jan. 25) due to his legal woes, Lil Wayne once arriving on stage made his frustrations clear by ripping into members of his entourage. Weezy, documented on video, goes on to rant and rave about how some members of his "entourage" weren't there for him, and how he don't need them 'cause he got the crowd. He then prompts the whole audience to follow him in giving his crew a big "F**k You." The video just adds to the recent madness, entertaining, but madness that is Lil Wayne and is highlighted with Wayne throwing his jacket directly at the head of his DJ. See for yourself here.

Kanye West: Glow In The Dark Tour?

I've been waitin' for an announcement for a tour for a minute now, but although no announcement still hasn't been made, there is a flyer going around that may be part of the promo for Ye's new tour. The poster bills Kanye as the headliner with Rihanna, N.E.R.D., and Lupe Fiasco has supporting acts...when and if this happens, you can definitely count me in. I don't buy cds, but I buy show tickets :)

50 Says, "You Ain't Crazy"
The man who's been relatively quiet for a man of his stature is trying to make some noise with this track U Ain't Crazy and I don't think this is the one to do it. 50 is doing what 50 on this track and I think it would have been a good joint a few years back but now it's kinda I'm waitin' for you to rap about something else. See for yourself here.

More Honey from Badu

The most eccentric chic in R&B is here with her video to Honey. Remember yall peeped the track here first as Music Forecast well here go the video and let me tell ya, this is one of the most creative joints I've seen in a looonnngg time. How many album covers can you name in that it first to answer.

Clipse presents...The Re-UP Gang
Clipse is bringin out their boys Ab-Live and Sandman collectively known as The Re-Up Gang this year. Their group album is suppose to drop this year hopefully, 'til then bump this banger here.

Pharrel's a N.E.R.D again
My homey Pharrell is back with his partners in crime Chad Hugo and Shay Moss for their experimental group's N.E.R.D's newest single for the third album. The track is classic N.E.R.D. Peep it here. Also, I got this video with the same single "Everyone Nose" as the background for an exclusive look at Pharrell's new jewelry line, called Blason, with Louis Vuitton. ::Shakes Head: Dude got too much money.

Rick Ross ain't the only one speedin'Rick Ross is back at trying to create some much needed buzz for his forthcoming album, Trilla. He has called in the boys and record a remix to his track "Speedin." Peep it here and tell us what you think.

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