Monday, December 3, 2007

R&N - 12/04/07 - EXCLUSIVES

Dilly here, given yall sum more freshness, 3.0 style.

Nelly hops on Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" remix
Like every big hit in history you gotta give it a remix, Chris Brown followed suit and brought Nelly to the studio with him. Hey, and it's pretty hot. Nelly came with it, and after hearin' it you realize that this beat fit Nelly's style perfectly. It's about time he came w/ sumtin' hot, still ain't gonna help him push any units on his next album though, what yall think?

Chris Brown ft. Nelly - Kiss Kiss (remix)

Trill Fam the new Cash Money?

Gotta show the south sum luv, seein' as thats where I'm from and we just that much better than the East nah I'm playin' u know I luv the East too, but anyway my boys from Louisiana Trill Fam Entertainment gotta another one that's killin' the club. The track's called "Adios" features Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, and newcomer Big Head. Man Trill Fam really is doing there thang right now. If you count all Boose & Webbie's joints togeter on that Gangstaer Musik, then the joints Boosie & Webbie did separately, then add Trill Fam's "Wipe Me Down", "Watch My Shoes" and "Independent" then u'll notice they've been killin' the club scene for the past 2-3years. They basically the new No Limit/Cash Money. Too bad they ain't makin' nearly as much as money as them boys did, peep the track here:

Trill Fam - Adios

Mixtape Messiah 4

I know we just talked 'bout Koopa the other day but had to let yall know that he just announced that he'll be releasing Mixtape Messiah 4 via his website on December 18th. If any of yall know how Koopa been doin' lately his MM series has been doing better than his yeah I said it. Neways it's good new for quality music.


Dallas's own Trap Starz Clik finally got a video for their club banger "Get It Big" which is killin' radio & clubs in the south right now. This trio just got snapped up by Universal Music Group, hopefully not Universal Republic because then they will definitely won't be gettin' no mainstream luv, but either way they tryna make noise across the U.S. so peep the video n remember where you saw 'em first.

Alright I'm out, enjoy and VOTE! - ~Dilly

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