Monday, December 17, 2007

12/17/07 - Mixtape Monday!

Hey folks,

Floyd Mayweather - Yep, He's Trying To Rap!

I know Mayweather won in the ring a few weeks ago, but how about him winning on tha mic?!

Check this and lemme know whatchu think of "Yep"

Katt Williams - ALSO trying to Rap!

You know, if boxers can try and rap, Comedians sure can try too, heheh. This one track ain't too bad with the help of Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Check out Gotta Shine.

Beanie Sigel - Trying To Do Good In The Hood

I know ALOT of people aren't gonna believe that Sigel is all about that, but there's ALOT of death goin' on in Philly... This senseless killing has got to stop.

Papoose - No, He Didn't Get Scarred Up!

It was rumored that Uncle Murda had a hit out on Papoose and some dude put him in the hospital... I seen the video, and it was just some dude hit him from behind like a little punk... Papoose speaks on it briefly...

Hi-Tek - Ohio All-Stars


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