Monday, November 19, 2007

R&N - 11/19/07 - KANYE EXCLUSIVE

Kanye West - broke down during "Hey Mama" performance

In a recent comeback attempt after the death of his mother, Kanye returned to the stage in Paris to fulfill his European tour duties. The show was bangin' like every other Kanye show 'til it was time time perform his dedicated song to his mama. Kanye barely got out the first lyric 'til he broke down and lost his composure. Various members of his band tried to console him but 'Ye just stood crying with emotion as the band played on. The Paris crowd did their part to help out by chanting "Kanye, Kanye." Kanye eventually left the for a few minutes then came back to close the show with a very emotional "Stronger." They say he kept yelling out repeatedly to the crowd, "I need you right now!" And the crowd responded with a standing ovation.
Yo, mad respect to Kanye to still be doing it with what he's going through right now. I can't imagine the pain he feeling right now, seeing as it was real unexpected. But hey, music is the ultimate healer right? Peep the video here.

Kanye West - Breaks Down During Hey Mama

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