Monday, November 19, 2007

R&N - 11/19/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Dilly here,
I realized I ain't blessed yall w/ some R&B joints that I've been bumpin' so I'm here to share the wealth.

Raheem Devaughn

If you haven't heard of this man, then it's about time you do. In '05 Raheem dropped a classic album that was highly slept on titled, The Love Experience. If you ain't got it I advised you to run out to the store n go cop it or go to order it, or download it. Anyway, he's back w/ a new album and new single, and this time he's supposedly suppose to get the right promo. Either way the joint is a banger. There's also a remix out there w/ Papoose on it...but it's Papoose so I prob. won't post it. HA. Anyway, Shout outs to all the women out there who be up on their music.

Eryakah Badu

Erykah Badu is back w/ a new single that's about to burn up the radio...hopefully. She's due to release a yet to be titled album early '08 and right now is workin' w/ a lot of different producers including the late J Dilla, 9th Wonder, and SaRa. This joint right is vintage Badu and should bring her back to the light. Ayo, have any of yall heard that rumor/joke about Badu that's like, "don't look directly into her eyes otherwise she'll make you start wearin' loud colors, and shoulder pads." Ha, it's suppose to be in reference to how Andre 3000 & Common's styled started flipping out while dating her. Anyway, I thought it was funny.


Now I know yall don't know Estelle, but you soon will. She's a UK rapper/singer who just signed w/ John Legend's newly launched label, Homeschool Records. John Legend who just started workin' on his follow-up to his double platinum, Once Again, signed Estelle when the two collabed on a joint that didn't make the cut for his latest album. Estelle is best known for her album "1980" which spawned a modest hit out there in the UK. All her music is pretty hot so far, and her sound is a breath of fresh air. What yall think?

Anthony Hamilton

I know yall know him, and have heard his joint Do You Fell Me, off the American Gangster sdtk. I just had to post thins song 'cause this is my damn jam right now. Can't get enough of it right now. If you haven't for some reason heard it by now then listen up.
Saigon's Almost Ready

NY's Saigon is putting his final touches on his highly anticpated, and delayed project w/ Just Blaze. Anyway, so I am across this banger called Come On Baby ft. Swizz Beatz and who else but Jay-Z, the only man doing ANYTHING for NY, on the track. It's a pretty hot track but I still don't know if its gonna help push any units. Uncle Jay can't do everything now. Listen up and tell us what you think.

Fat Joe & Lil Wayne At It Again

Joey Crack is got another one, I think. Lil Wayne is on the chorus and blesses him like he did w/ Make It Rain and Playaz Circle, but yo the verses from Fat Joe I think are really ill. What yall think? And hey Fat Joe from NY right? Sheeiit, maybe's there hope after all.

New Releases

On Tuesday, Nicole S. from the Pussycat Dolls and Freeway are gonna drop....and FLOP. I luv me sum Nicole Scherzinger but compared to what she had with the PCD, she ain't got NO buzz. The only joint that made any noise was the one w/ T.I. Whatever You Like, but as we all know by now, one single ain't enough. She does have some ballad joint out w/ somebody collabing but I can't think of what it's even called let alone if I've heard it. Have you? And Freeway, has a single even been released yet?...With all that noise about being executive produced by his "big bros" 50 and Jay this man if finna drop with virtually no pub. But whose album got quite a few promo just two weeks ago, cough cough, Jay Z, cough, cough. Gaw what are they really doin' over there w/ them Roc Boys.

Mos Def - Collabo with Kanye West

Mos Def is wanting Kanye to do for him, with what he did for Common. Ever since Common and 'Ye got together it's been unstoppable. Imagine the possibilities w/ Mos Def and 'Ye together. I don't know bout yall but I luved Two Words off of College Dropout and "Drunken Hot Girls" is my ish too, lol, so it should be real exciting to see what they can cook up. Also, this man Mos apparently has EIGHT, yes count 'em, EIGHT upcoming movies through 2009. That boy doin' it man.

That's all I got for now, read up, comment, and VOTE we got nominated man. Told y'all AB had sumtin' important to announce. Holla.

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