Saturday, October 27, 2007

TI Update Part 6

Hey folks,

TI is finally on bail... the cost... $3M! $1M from his record company, Atlantic Records, $2M between his own money and one of his estates in Georgia.

The Terms:
  • House Arrest
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • random drug testing
  • will only be able to leave his residence for medical and court appointments.
Yesterday morning, the Feds searched TI's house where TI will be placed under house arrest to make sure it was clear of anything which could violate his house arrest terms. If convicted, TI may recieve up to 10 years in prison as well as $250K for each charge.

Man..., the price of freedom is NOT cheap...



Anonymous said...

Man Ti messin up but dats wack cuz he such a hit wit da fans they should just let him go lyke they do wit da white celebrities ya kno

AB said...

They could... But I don't know how many celebrities run around with machine guns and silencers... That might not be best, lol.