Thursday, October 18, 2007

R&N - 10/18/07- Afternoon News

Here's the scoop for the day....

Digital Music Drives

The new form of music albums just might be flash drives... That's what the record companies are gonna be doing soon.

Universal, EMI, and Warner all plan to sell music preloaded on flash drives. They say that it's going to be aimed at 12 to 24 year olds. Would you buy it? I guess we'll see when they come out...

TI - Update Pt. 4 -House Arrest?

People are saying that T.I. might get house arrest if he pleads guilty. People are so anxious for Tip to get out of jail that they are just pulling what they want out of other reports. I heard a different variation saying that he might get house arrest until his trial. We'll see...

Now, since I made y'all wait so long... I'm in a cool-down vibe... So check these tracks out...


Tru Life ft. Bobby Valentino - Tears

For those who don't know Tru Life, he's a hot rapper from New York that actually had beef with Cam'ron earlier this year... It's a real hot song, whether you're into Rap OR RNB. It's just that kinda track... Just click for a listen...

Mario - Do Right (Produced by Akon)

This is REAL RnB right here!

A couple more exclusive tracks tomorrow... Enjoy!


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