Monday, October 15, 2007

R&N - 10/15/07

Hey folks,

Alrighty... ALOT has transpired between the BET Hip-Hop Awards & the whole T.I. incident...

But one thing I missed mentioning was that

Big Moe - Passed Away

The man, Big Moe of Houston Texas, member of the SUC (Screwed Up Click) passed away yesterday... He is most noted on his song "Purple Stuff", that was a hit song in Texas.

Purple Stuff

Also... have you guys seen that one hip-hop video called "Watch My Feet"?

Watch My Feet

Anyway, after seeing that, then that new Verizon commercial "Watch Me Move".... you think Verizon should pay dem dudes? Or Dude N Nem? Seriously, though...

Keep posting on this T.I. incident, though...




~RIA B. said...

HAHHAHA.. my friends in my dorm saw this on tv like last month.. We still making fun of it.. "Watch my Feet,watch my feet" LoLoL

BTW, Why does my name appear in lowercase?

AB said...

Ask Blogspot... Mine looks like that too... -ab, lol