Sunday, October 14, 2007

R&N - 10/14/07 - T.I. Update Pt.1

Wow... News definitely developed over the course of the night...

So lemme try break it down for y'all...

T.I. was arrested by the ATF (Bereau of Alcohol, Tobbaco, Firearms & Explosives) for allegedly attempting to purchase 3 machine guns and 2 silencers from an undercover agent, acting as an arms dealer.

The guns were reportedly found in his home. Police also found 6 more firearms in his closet! He has been charged with felony possession of unregistered machine guns and silencers and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

T.I. supposedly paid almost $21,000 in cash to his bodyguard to buy more than 25 firearms .

The bodyguard made a number of phone calls to T.I., and apparently, they were recorded by the ATF. The bodyguard said "he had everything," and T.I. told him to deliver them to him yesterday. T.I. will be in federal custody until Monday, October 15. Then, he will appear before US Judge at the US Courthouse in Atlanta.

Folks... The Hip-Hop Police is in FULL SWING!
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More news as it comes in...


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