Thursday, October 11, 2007

R&N - 10/11/07

Bobby Brown - Heart Attack?!

Somebody asked why I didn't post up Bobby Brown and his trip to the hospital earlier... I asked them... "Is he relevant?"... What was his last hit? (besides on Whitney?, lol). I'm just playing... But seriously, i don't think y'all really wanted to hear about him... did ya? The dude couldn't even keep his story straight... Did he have a heart attack? Did he not? What's good?

Top 5 Albums This Week:

1. J Holiday - Back Of My Lac

Exclusive Single Link

2. Trey Songz - Trey Day

Exclusive Single Link

3. Keyshia Cole - Just Like You

Exclusive Single Link

4. Soulja Boy - SouljaBoyTellEm

5. Kanye West - Graduation


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