Monday, October 22, 2007

Dilly's 1st Official Post

Yezzur, here goes my first official post. Comment, compliment, trash it, that's what blogs are for.
This is the remix...
With all the hot joints out right now, there's a whole lot of 'em w/ remixes. You may have heard some of these spinning radio already, some of 'em you won't that's why MF 3.0 brings it to ya.

You remember 30 is the new 20 joint on Jay Z's Kingdome Come album? Well this is Benjamin Andre rippin' it while enlightening everybody who listens to it.
It's suppose to be on DJ Drama's upcoming cd Gangsta Grills: The Album b4 The Mixtape, but
Greg Street went n stole the joint n put w/ Jay Z old verse n a Ice Cube new 16.

Khaled is doin' it right now, and as a fellow DJ I can't be happier, even if his voice is annyoing. Who?! WE NI**A!!!
Oh, and peeps been talkin 'bout Weezy got the weakest verse on here...what yall think?

3. Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boy (remix) ft Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Birdman
Weezy finally spits on the track that he should have to begin with. Birdman follows him to studio again n f**ks up again, u can't help but wish that Baby could have been swapped w/ Luda, the killer of hot tracks right now. Yeah I said it. (See, I Get Money, and Freaky Girl remix)

Luv the original, the remix, is hot, but w/ Kels on it, it should have been better...u'll see what I mean.
Weird choice to have on the remix, but then I remembered Cassidy was on J Records thru Full Surface, so hence the link to my wifey there. Cass go hard, n the slight beat change is hot.

6. Flashing Lights remixes: One w/ Jay-Z, and the other w/ my n**as Clipse.
Yall know Flashing Lights is one of the best beats on Graduation, these cats gracing the track makes it even better.

Yuuuup, so while T.I. was trying to liquidate his 24s for bail money, and Diddy was still slapping people around at clubs, I was busy compiling my TOP 5 JOINTS of the week...
5. One Republic - Apologize
4. Jay Z - Blue Magic
3. Prince - Future Baby Mama
2. Raheem Devaughn - Woman
1. Shawty Lo - They Know (This cat was in D4L, sure don't sound like it, hot joint)

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