Tuesday, September 25, 2007

R&N - 09/25/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

Check out these hot joints I found:

More than likely, Ciara is gonna put out an album late this year... This BETTER be one of the singles... This joint doesn't seem to be "mastered" yet, but it still sounds pretty good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TI, by da way! I think he turned 26.

Ciara ft. TI - Goodbye My Dear

New female rapper in tha game...Penelope Jones. (Wonder if she's related to Serious, heheh). Check her out. She's got a HOT single with Mya.

Penelope Jones ft. Mya - No Matter What They Say

Busta Rhymes - When Hell Freezes Over

I hear Busta's got a new album coming out in October. It's gonna be called "When Hell Freezes Over". I'll see if I can find a single or two.

Chamllionaire - Ultimate Victory Review

I bought the Chamillionaire album, and I think he's one of my favorite artists now. That album is "da truth". HOT Production, great lyrics. If you like like good production, and like Chamillionaire singing on tracks, you're gonna love tha album.

Favorite Tracks: - I might post them later in the week.


I swear... I thought of this months ago. You know how much money Hurricane coulda made off this?!


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