Friday, September 14, 2007

R&N - 09/16/07

Hey folks

Now that I've seen it, I'm not sure WHAT'S goin' on with Jim Jones & 50 Cent....
Check the vid...

Also, a real shocker:

Elephant Man - Stampeded On Diddy?!

A WHILE AGO (like last year), Diddy had signed Elephant Man... Don't know exactly why, but I guess he thought he was a good reggae artist... or a good tax write-off. :-p Rumor has it, Elephant Man and his crew came to his office, and assaulted him over some money...(or lack thereof..)

Ironically, he's got a single with production from Swizz Beatz called "Let's Get Physical". I'll figure it out, probably later in the week.

KANYE/50 Cent Results.... (Off 1st Day Sales!)

Thanks to a record-shattering first day at iTunes and traditional retail, Kanye West will debut at #1 on next Tuesday’s HITS Top 50 Album Chart, surpassing 800,000 units in sales! Kanye whooped 50 by an estimated 170,000 units!

Watch out for "Kanye's BONUS TRACKS" later this week! :-p


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