Friday, September 7, 2007

R&N - 09/07/07

50 Tries To Sign Soulja Boy!

This is funny. Nuff said.

Jim Jones - NOT Signing to G-Unit

Ok, now I know the whole Jim Jones/G-Unit rumor seemed to be a lil' far-fetched, but I got the real deal now... Jim Jones is actually joining 50 on the 5 boroughs tour. That's all it is. According to Freekey Zeekey, Jim Jones is just a good businessman and he's doing his next album for a couple mill. If so, that's what's up.

Kanye West & 50 Cent - Song For Song!

Ok. Despite what Kanye says, there WILL be some sort of battle on 106 next Tuesday... Kanye and 50 Cent will be performing their singles from their new albums. They will even have Stuart Scott of ESPN doin' commentary.

BET's gotta be setting up ad. pricing almost to the point of SuperBowl...I'm just assuming $200,000 - $500,000 for 30 seconds. Honestly and truly, I see the ratings on 106 gonna be pretty huge. In all honesty, this is GOOD news for hip-hop.

Tony Yayo - Did He Do It?

I don't remember if I went too much into this story (probably not), but a while back, Tony Yayo was accused of slapping up Jimmy Henchman's son. Game even made a diss track, talking about the situation. Henchman is Game's manager, by the way.

Now, somewhere out the blue, somebody comes to testify that he didn't do it. Similar to how R Kelly is trying to get off, having the girl say it wasn't her in the video. Probably got paid a couple G-Units to say it never happened. That's just my view, though. What do you think? More news when it comes available.

Jay-Z & B - Wedding Bells On The Way?

According to Big J, he and Beyonce will probably be getting married soon. Possibly in Vegas... But he could be saying that to throw us off... JD/Janet and Usher/Tomeka have done plenty of that this year, lol. Guess we'll see... unless they already married. Probably not married yet, though.


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